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MT4 Plugins

Miyatsu Singapore expands on the functionality of the MetaTrader4 system to provide customers with a variety of tools to make trading faster and easier. We can develop a plugin of your needs or you can choose from one of already developed plugins from below.

Anti-Scalper Plugin

Prevents traders from closing order within a specific time after opening (ie. 2 minutes). This will prevent traders from using robots to make frequent trades within a small time frame. MMI can decide to simply close orders that happen between a specific time or re-quote several pips in favor of the broker.

Session Gap Plugin

Prevents brokers from getting a huge loss when there is a huge gap in rate between closing and opening session, especially useful for index symbols that have many sessions every day.

MVN Virtual Dealer

Delay order execution by emulating dealer's actions.
Execute market order, take profit and stop loss at the best rate for broker during delay time
Allow brokers to choose to handle Stop Loss/Take Profit at market price or at client's price.

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